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My wife Julie is a well-educated girl of 42 years. Our sex life was 'normal' until a week ago. Julie discovered that one of the stories I had printed off this forum. He seemed disappointed that I need to masterbate porno. I wanted to know why not think of anything but move me. It took a while to submityourflicks explain, because I was ashamed to admit that the fantasies of her for a big man, muscular, with a well had been a long hard cock. do not really get my head around it first, but that night in bed and not able to have an erection because he felt he had let fall, suggested that speaks through my imagination. I explained that in conversations with the guys in the pubs when the topic of sex, one of the boys, Mike always told it was a lucky bastard, and would like to fuck Julie. Now Mike submityourflicks rugby - play tough guy, go legs like tree trunks, like a Shire horse and a beautiful child, just a night kind of man OPF. Julie was quiet for a whilethe dark, then she asked if I really wanted to sleep with him, I said, I 'm not the only way that I wanted to do, maybe you could call me Mike, as we made love. said give it a try, we kiss slowly, his mouth opened and took my tongue, my hand slipped under the sheets, and now her butt naked, climbed aboard and I kiss was more urgent, then she whispered, 'Mike, that's wrong, what if Dave finds out? ' My answer was hoarse, ' catch ' ' I want you so fucking long, every time I wanted to love with Dave, I think you, ' My cock was harder than I can remember, Julie took the head was the rhythm was back, the hair pulled back in the back. '. Mike Harder, now suck my tits' was not my wife, she says that love only rarely, but now it only said quietly: 'Mike' in my ear several times, until they called their name and pounced on me. We submityourflicks love all the nights to explore situations in which Mike has ' make a call while I'm lateIng with Julie at the end of his todger. Could Although always say later that it was just a fantasy, pubs OJ 's New Year, before the door opened yesterday afternoon submityourflicks Julie, flirting and a kiss on New Year recently, only a little spice to add to our bedroom. submityourflicks While we love, it's great, but I worry that may be out of hand.
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